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My Brothers:All This Is For You!!!

maxiu007, Sep 15, 12 7:14 PM.
hey my brothers....this is 007,your leader...we all have the same mindset for what we are trying to do individually and in terms of league style...we are NOT like anyone else,and neither am i...every guy who has joined this team has had the same talk with me at application stages after they spoke with one of the top leaders in the rest assured that no one will be surprised if one of us takes a whole day to go SP hunting...or if you ask for help,no one will say "who the fuck is that.i'm busy"...that's why i made this league,so we can be friends in game or whatever you call it...i love you guys and we should all be the reason for logging in the next day...sometimes it will indeed be solo playing,but we are here for each other all the time...i'll keep this short,but yes this is technically my league and site...i think that's stupid though,because i didn't do this for myself,it's really FOR ALL OF US,EVERY SINGLE GUY IN HERE NOW,AND EVERY GUY THAT JOINS US...i took a lot of time to put this site together,and a lot of donations from a few guys who really believe in this as much as i please enjoy what it offers,but in no means do you have to be on it all the's just a little fun thing for us to do...feel free to use whatever you are able to access...finally,when you consider the stuff you do with your characters,keep in mind there is ALWAYS room to grow...for example:i will definitely like someone to be my #3,and#4...depending all your skills and level of play and knowledge,it could be anyone...i know this might not be something that excites you,but it is a possibility if you want it...Play Fuckin Hard,Play to Fuckin Win,and play respectfully and of course KILL YOUR ENEMIES!!!...FYI=you inherited enemies just by joining us,haters and all,and jealous fucks...good luck,welcome,and you guys give me a reason to continue,don't fuck it up...FINALLY...GO BE THE FUCKIN BEST YOU CAN BE EVERYDAY,THAT'S WHO WE ARE!!!
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